I had the privilege of joining Josh McCallen and Erik Cabral’s Capital Hacking podcast recently and had a great conversation with Josh about the importance of a personal brand to share your story and your heart with the world. I talked about tips for building those branding muscles and the power to reach people through the heart of your personal brand. We also discussed Una, the company I am honored to lead, and the value of group purchasing for businesses. I hope you enjoy the show.

Listening Guide:

  • [03:04] Find out why I began my personal brand and journey to deliver thought leadership that empowers business leaders.
  • [06:20]  A personal brand correlates with almost everybody because sharing your story is going to exponentially grow someone else’s story.
  • [08:27] Your story is about the process, the journey. Share those first steps, the journey of how you got started.
  • [09:35] People like to connect with you because of your personality and who you are, so don’t lose the heart of your personal brand. Make it fun and engaging.
  • [10:28] Building your brand allows you to flex new muscles.
  • [11:38] Learn what Josh kept in mind when setting up Capital Hacking: 1) Be yourself, share from the heart, keep the heart present. 2) You have to bring a little extra energy 3) Interviewing is listening.
  • [12:30] Learn about Una and how we leverage billions in buying power to help businesses buy like the big guys.
  • [25:34] I’ll share 6 steps to maximizing your efficiency while working from home.

Many thanks to Josh McCallen and Erik Cabral for inviting me to be a guest on Capital Hacking! Visit https://anchor.fm/capitalhacking to listen to more great episodes.