On this episode of Cashflow Ninja, I joined host and podcast creator M.C. Laubscher to discuss topics on the heart of every leader such as how to define success, achieve your goals, and build core values. We also talked about leading during tough times, including how leaders should communicate, practical ways to help employees get through hard times, resilience, and patience. Lastly, I shared my top four principles to build wealth and achieve happiness and success. This is an episode leaders and aspiring leaders won’t want to miss. 

Listening Guide:

  • [00:50] Learn about my background and how it shaped me as a leader.
  • [03:53] How a turnaround opportunity turned into a uniquely positioned business (shoutout to my company, Una).
  • [16:31] The most important messages leaders can share are those of hope and patience. Find the opportunity within every challenge.
  • [17:30] Practical ways to help your employees get through tough times.
  • [19:58] Leaders should always build from something toward something.
  • [22:39] Why I focus on sharing my story, reading, and mentorship.
  • [23:53] Success is not about how much money you’ve made; rather, what does your life look like? What does your marriage look like? What do your kids look like? That’s how you define your success.
  • [24:13] Personal resilience means learning how to deal with what comes at you.
  • [25:49] How to be a value-driven person and create a culture of honor.
  • [28:18] Why the three most important words a leader can say are, “I messed up.” 
  • [30:00] My top four principles to build wealth and achieve happiness and success – build lifelong friendships, take risks, work your ass off, and be patient.
  • [31:50] How to learn patience – don’t compare yourself to others, only to your past self.

Many thanks to M.C. and the team at Cashflow Ninja for hosting this podcast. Be sure to check out more great episodes on the Cashflow Ninja website