Recently, I was invited to share my leadership experience with Erik Cabral during an Entrepreneurs Circle podcast. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about Una – the revolutionary GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) I have the honor of leading; highlight Culture Index and John Chisholm, both of whom have been invaluable growth catalysts; and serve up some sales insights that have proven to be hugely successful for me in my quest to be a change agent. Take a listen, hopefully you can gain something good from my experience.

Listening Guide:

  • [04.57] Meet Anthony Clervi. Hear about my background, experience, the people who inspired me, and why sales and entrepreneurism has always made sense to me – and how all of this ultimately led me to become the turnaround guy in the middle of my amazing “Unaverse.”
  • [16.49] Get some candid advice on leading people and playing by the rules (or not, as the situation sometimes requires).
  • [22.38] It starts at the top. Find out about the core values that drive me and Una and make us all better every day.
  • [27.55] Find out what keeps me and every conscientious leader up at night.
  • [29.55] Commission breath is real. Learn how the Anthony Clervi approach eliminates commission breath and makes you a master of sales (hint: you’re already doing some of this every day).
  • [37:38] Many of the best opportunities in my life have come through failure. Let my lessons help you avoid some common roadblocks to growth and success.
  • [45:00] Learn how to partnering with Una is empowering sourcing heroes everywhere and how to connect with me.

My sincere thanks to Erik Cabral, founder and chief creative officer of On Air Brands and host of the Entrepreneurs Circle podcast for so graciously providing this powerful forum for me to reach you! Visit or for more information.