I recently joined Logan Freeman of LiveFree Investments on his LiveFree Investors Podcast. In this episode, we discussed the importance of time and urgency, doing what you enjoy every day, building value for yourself and your partners, and staying closely connected with your inner circle. We paralleled falling forward and finding your own success with my journey leading Una – a revolutionary GPO (Group Purchasing Organization), and I give my feedback on the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Listening Guide:

  • [00:42] What it is we do at Una, and why we do things together.
  • [03:42] Everybody wants to be a unicorn, but you have to start somewhere.
  • [04:48] Are you living free, or are you working like a dog?
  • [06:05] Creating value is a game, and why you should wake up every day to win the game.
  • [07:50] Why LinkedIn is the most powerful tool you can use to connect.
  • [10:33] Write your goals down as an emotional mechanism.
  • [11:10] The importance of getting up early, exercising, and eating right and the impact it will have on your business.
  • [12:24] Have a high sense of urgency and why it was the best advice I have ever received.
  • [16:05] Why it’s okay to make mistakes, and why it’s crucial not to repeat them.
  • [19:40] Stay connected often with those in your inner circle.
  • [21:32] Question: How much did Howard Hughes leave behind? Answer: All of it.
  • [23:02] How statistics and predictions are sometimes obsolete in presidential elections.
  • [26:12] Positive outlook is everything.

Thank you to Logan and the team at LiveFree Investors Podcast for hosting this insightful conversation. Be sure to check out www.livefreeinvestments.com/podcast-appearances to discover even more engaging content from professional investors and successful business leaders.