I recently had the honor of joining Joel Goldberg as a guest speaker on his Rounding the Bases podcast. We were able to talk about Una – the amazing GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) I am honored to lead, and how we’re empowering the youth of Kansas City right now. I also shared insights about hiring strategy, how to stay motivated, the importance of continually learning, the number one attribute of a good leader, and the keys to keeping momentum in your organization now that we are all remote. I hope you enjoy the show and benefit from my ideas to help teams stay positive and connected.

Listening Guide:

  • [10:10] Learn about Una, the revolutionary GPO I lead, and how we are putting our core values into action remotely.
  • [14:12] Hiring strategy is crucial to attracting the right talent and I’ll share who to look for.
  • [20:39] Find out how I stay motivated as a leader and the importance of continually learning.
  • [24:26] The number one attribute of a good leader is not what most people think.
  • [27:46] Here are the keys and strategies I’m using as a leader to keep the momentum going with a remote team.
  • [32:40] Learn the little things that add up to home runs during challenging times.

My sincere thanks to Joel Goldberg, keynote speaker and host of Rounding the Bases podcast, for inviting me to share through this powerful forum! Visit https://www.joelgoldbergmedia.com/ to learn more about him and listen to his podcast.