I enjoyed joining Tori Clarke as a guest speaker on Procurify’s Spend Culture podcast. In this episode, I shared how my career began and how those early days spurred me to be my own boss. We also discussed corporate culture and how effective leadership can empower teams. Of course, I talked about Una – the revolutionary GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) I am honored to lead, and how we help companies buy like the big guys. We wrapped up the episode discussing how my career in competitive baseball has shaped me as a leader. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.

Listening Guide:

  • [01:32] Learn how my career began and why I decided to become my own boss.
  • [05:12]  I discuss the importance of living your company values (Una Cares).
  • [08:10] My thoughts on company culture as a daily, intentional deliverable.
  • [12:06] Hear my perspective on how corporate spend culture is evolving.
  • [15:20] Learn what a group purchasing organization is and how businesses can benefit.
  • [23:32] Find out how my career in competitive sports shaped my leadership strategy.
  • [31:30] My advice for up-and-coming business leaders.

Many thanks to Tori Clarke, Community & Partnerships Manager at Procurify, for inviting me to share in this episode of Spend Culture Stories! Visit https://spendculture.procurify.com/podcast to learn more about the show.