I recently had the honor of talking with Katie McEwen on Procurement Foundry’s TenureTalks. She presented five questions that allowed me to introduce myself, my company (Una), and share advice for up-and-coming business leaders. I had a great time on the show and hope you enjoy listening!

Listening Guide:

  • [00:32] Introduction to me and a bit about my life and background.
  • [01:35]  Introduction to Una, the amazing company that I am honored to lead.
  • [02:35] I’ll share about the people who inspired my path to success.
  • [05:16] Learn about some of the most innovative things I’m seeing in the group purchasing, sourcing, and supply chain spaces right now.
  • [07:25] Find out some unique things about me that most people don’t know.
  • [09:32] My advice for young leaders and entrepreneurs climbing the ranks who want to define success in business and entrepreneurship.
  • [12:42] Hear my take on staying connected while working and living remotely.

Many thanks to Katie McEwen and Procurement Foundry for inviting me to share in this episode of TenureTalks! Visit https://procurementfoundry.com/ to learn more about the Procurement Foundry community.