I enjoyed talking with Ryan Wicklum of The Owl Solutions on The Owl’s Nest Podcast about a key area business leaders often overlook – the value of cutting corporate spend and investing that savings back into your business. We also talked about four key attributes in an ideal client, how to connect with potential clients during sales and negotiations, and how companies can create efficiencies to save money. I hope you gain value from our discussion!

Listening Guide:

  • [01:50] Intro to Una, the company I’m honored to lead, and how we help companies save money.
  • [05:28] The #1 area organizations often overlook: business spend analytics.
  • [09:31] Is your business using too many suppliers? It’s time to create efficiencies.
  • [14:49] How to connect with business partners and clients: “You matter and so do I.”
  • [17:34] As a leader, you need to be happy. Make sure you incorporate your happiness into your business from the start.
  • [18:26] The most important thing in business is your employees.
  • [20:08] Three things to look for in an ideal client: value alignment, open-mindedness, and ability to impact change.
  • [23:14] Do business with people you like and trust.
  • [24:32] Saving money means you can invest it back into your business.

A big thank you to Ryan for hosting this insightful podcast and inviting me to be a guest. Be sure to check out The Owl’s Nest Podcast for the latest episodes.