As the world continues to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners both great and small are taking our own stand against panic and poverty. In my last post, I talked about being a strong leader during this challenging period in our lives. But the longer we’ve all got to stay home, the harder it is to stay calm and survive, much less enjoy the bonus time we get with our families. I think a lot of people are scared about paying for food and necessities, not to mention covering housing and all the other items that make up our monthly nut. Furthermore, this is why congress needs to get their act together.

Without a doubt, we’ve got to take care of one another, and support our neighbors so we can all make it through this difficult time. Business owner, renowned author and keynote speaker Verne Harnish recently wrote a great article for CNBC, which highlights some clever (and doable) strategies. Click here to learn how brave, creative and generous business owners are supporting their employees, their communities and their companies.

We will all come through this stronger, by doing it together.